Accommodation for Malta

Anyone wishing to book accommodation for the 2017 EBA Nations Cup in Malta please send an email to Hermina Bonsfield at the following reservations address

Arrive - Wednesday 1st November
Play - 2nd - 8th November
Depart - Thursday 9th November

All players must book into the Dolmen Hotel via this email address and all players must stay in the Dolmen Resort Hotel to be eligible to play in the competition.

Quad/Triple Rooms - €28.60 pppns B&B
Twin Rooms - €34.75 pppns B&B
Single Room - €60.00 pppn B&B

Half board supplement (if required) €14.00 pppn

Eco tax - €0.50 pppn (maximum €5.00)

Return airport transfer €15.00

EBA endorses Strachan 861 cloth

The EBA have confirmed that they will be using Strachan 861 (formerly Simonis 861) powder blue cloth for a three year period starting with the 2018 European Championships in April in Bridlington.

The cloth has been in regular use in recent IPA Events and has received superb reviews all round.

The EBA will be forwarding on details of retail suppliers in each Member Nations country shortly.

From Blackball Blogger
"" The cloth, which has the obvious major change of colour, creating a fresh and modern look which is ideal for blackball. It also helps to build a unique identity for the game, and stops it looking like a small snooker table. Of course the change of colour could have been achieved using the same cloth as before, so the play-ability needed to be improved as well. And it has. We have found that the cloth is a lovely pace, a fraction quicker, but very controllable. They are more reactive, with quicker spin, allowing players to move the white around the table with greater ease. The cushions play a little differently, with pace and spin having more of affect on the angles. But overall we are seeing the players having more shots available to them ""

EBA UK Individual Finals

Results from the EBA UK Individual Finals held in Carlise as follows -

Mark Boyle (Scotland) 10-9 Clint l'Anson (England)

Emma Cunningham (Northern Ireland) 10-8 Yvonne Ewing (Scotland)

Jamie Burnett (Scotland) 9-1 Robert Sim (England)

Ross McInnes (Scotland) 9-3 Billy Stirling (Scotland)

EBA UK Individual Championships

The 2017 EBA UK Individual Pool Championships take place in the Hilltop Hotel Carlisle from Friday 8th until Sunday the 10th September.

The event has 4 Sections - Open, Ladies, Seniors [ Over 40s ] & Masters [Over 50s ] and will carry the official titles of UK Individual Blackball Champions for 2017.

Played on 16 Supreme tables using Hainsworth Match Cloth and Aramith Pro Cup balls the weekend of Blackball Pool will have a qualified referee there at all times.

Each event will be played to Double Elimination.

For live results in each section download the PoolAppLive App from either the Play Store or the App Store, enter Site Name eba and then select the Live option.

Live streaming by Terry Higginson from RhinoTV.

UK OPEN (Last 64)
1 Keith McDougall v Chris Young [senior]
2 Lewis McHoul v Mark Cullimore
3 Andy McKinnon v Jamie Simpson
4 Gary McLeish v James Ramsay [senior]
5 Ross Fernie v Kelvin Walton
6 Liam McPherson v Niven Adams [senior]
7 Rab Fee v Anton Riley
8 Lee Killen v Ivan Thompson
9 Callum Menzies v Eric Wilson
10 Liam Dunster v Jim Stephens [senior]
11 Liam Foley v Billy Snaddon [senior]
12 Chris Ferrier v James Peoples
13 Ben Davies v Scott Ross
14 Mark Boyle v Graham Sillars
15 Wes Fox v Lee Wrigglesworth
16 Paul Harkness v Jordan Park
17 Shaun Stebbings v Scott Dunbar [senior]
18 Gareth Hibbott v Jamie Burnett [senior]
19 Ryan Fleming v Davy Forrest [senior]
20 Robert Hoey v Jordan Shepherd
21 Keith Keldie v Aldo McLeod [senior]
22 Declan Maley v Shuan Spence
23 Clint I'Anson v Ray Stuart [master]
24 Paul McCann v Paul Bushnell
25 Ronan McCarthy v Gary Hannah
26 Mike Beckett v Daniel Wylie
27 Andy Croasdale v Shaun Wishart
28 Scott Gillespie v Martin Fisher [senior]
29 James Johnston v Stuart Weeks [senior]
30 Stuart McCulloch v Keith Robertson [senior]
31 Craig Marsh v Ross McInnes [master]
32 Chris Corcoran v Mark Bowen

UK SENIORS (Last 32)
1 Davy Forrest v Jim Dunlop
2 Mark Bowen v Jamie Burnett
3 James Ramsay v Andy Bell
4 Jim Stephens v Kevin Dooley
5 Scott Dunbar v Aldo McLeod
6 John Reid v JJ Kirkpatrick
7 Chris Young v Chick McCaig
8 Alan Maxwell v Eddie McVee
9 Brian York v Les Donaldson
10 Niven Adams v Antz Morrison
11 Stuart Weeks v Terry Higginson
12 Ian MacColme v Tam O' Ware
13 Ian Middlemas v Paul Cochrane
14 Billy Snaddon v Gary Johnson
15 Keith Robertson v Martin Jones
16 Martin Fisher v Mark McDonough

UK MASTERS (Last 16)
1 Pat O Kane v George Fagan
2 Billy Stirling v Stephen Johnston
3 Carl Tombs v Mark Donnan
4 Ross McInnes v Ray Stuart
5 George Sutherland v Charlie Shaw
6 Tam Newall v Darren Smith
7 Brian McNair v Pete Bate
8 Jim McMeekin v David Drysdale

UK LADIES (Last 16)
1 Amber Curren v Yvonne Saunders
2 Harriet Haynes v ----------
3 Claire Stewart v Hayley Argent
4 Maria Lewis v Jenny Leavens
5 Yvonne Ewing v Charlie McDonaugh
6 Jacky Williamson v Jenny Lawson
7 Emma Cunningham v Lauren Williams
8 Viv Roscoe v Melissa Abbott

IPA European Open - Tour Event 4

Tune in this weekend from 10.00am on Friday 11th August to watch the action and get score updates from the Hilton Hotel in Coventry as 240 players vie for the three titles on offer in the Professional Event, Open Event and Amateur Event.


Tour 4 Draws -

Betting from Corals -

IPA Website

Live Streaming -

Daily Sport


2018 IPA Tour & World Championship dates released

The dates have been confirmed for the 2018 IPA World Championships and 2018 Tour. Visit the IPA website to view all the details at 

Superb Farnsworth does it again

Another fantastic display of Blackball Pool from World ranked No 1 Marc Farnsworth (England) seen him lift the 2017 IPA English Professional title. The event (Tour No 2) was held from 12-14th May in the Bradford Hotel, West Yorkshire. Tour Event 3 moves on to Newcastle where the venue is none other than St James' Park home of newly promoted Newcastle United. Dates are 23-25th June. Don't miss it !!

It's a double for Boyle

Congratulations to Mark Boyle (Scotland). The extremely talented cueist has just won the English Open and English Amateur titles at the 2017 IPA Tour Event 2 held in The Bradford Hotel, in West Yorkshire 12-14th May. In the Open Final Mark overcame Jordan Church by 7-2 and in the Amateur he defeated Phil Parkin 7-5.

Ladies Learning Disabilities International Fixture

Northern Ireland Ladies Specials V England Ladies Specials

We are pleased to announce the dates for this International Fixture which is now in its' fourth year of competition. Six teams will participate, four from the host Nation Northern Ireland and two from England. Each season the venues are alternated between both countries.

Playing dates as follows
Monday 29th May and Tuesday 30th May (11.00am start both days)

There will be both Team events ands Individual events. Thanks go to Angela Butler for bringing over the England teams and to the Q.Club in Larne, County Antrim for hosting the event.

2017 EBA Nations Cup

Malta has been confirmed as the venue for the 2017 EBA Nations Cup of Pool.

It will be held in the splendid Dolmen Resort Hotel on the island from Thursday 2nd November to Wednesday 8th November. Travel dates will be Wednesday 1st November and Thursday 9th November.

The event is for both A and B Teams for Adults and Unders

2017 Nations Cup & 2018 European Championships

Well folks, a fantastic 2017 European Championship in Bridlington has come to and end. Along with another great spectacle of Blackball Pool and meeting with friends old and new we had a large Scooter rally on the first day of Week 2 and the 2017 Tour de Yorkshire cycle race on Finals Day, both assembling outside the Spa Arena, both wonderful sights indeed. In between we had weather warm enough for a spot of sunbathing and believe it or not some players even had a friendly snowball fight on Tuesday night. With the World Snooker Championships taking place not to far away in Sheffield some players took advantage of time off to go down and watch a bit of the action. Just another fortnight at the office in Bridlington !!

Dates for the next two EBA events have been confirmed as follows. More details to follow as we get them

2017 Nations Cup of Pool
2nd - 8th November, Dolmen Resort Hotel, Malta

2018 European Championships
4th - 14th April. Spa Arena, Bridlington, England

All the Finals from Week 2

Results below from all the Finals at Week 2 of the 2017 European Championships in Bridlington

'A' TEAM - England 13-11 Cyprus
'B' TEAM - Wales B1 8-11 Scotland Mens B2 
INDIVIDUAL - Liam Dunster (SCO) 7-6 (WAL) Mark Bowen

'A' TEAM - Scotland 8-13 England 
'B' TEAM - Scotland B1 11-10 England B1 
INDIVIDUAL - Collette Henriksen (NI) 4-6 (ENG) Amanda Watson

'A' TEAM - Ireland 9-13 Scotland
'B' TEAM - Scotland B1 13-8 Ireland B1
INDIVIDUAL - Kevin Seaman (ENG) 6-5 (SCO) Martin Jones

'A' TEAM - Scotland 12-13 Wales 
'B' TEAM - Northern Ireland B1 11-13 England B1
INDIVIDUAL - Ross McInnes (SCO) 5-6 (SCO) Alan Reynolds

European Championships Individuals (Last 16)

LAST 16 
Liam Dunster 5-2 Dean Shields
Jason Crozier 5-3 Ryan Jones
Clint Azzopardi 5-0 Sam Figures
Jon Bushnell 5-3 Luke Sanges
Dyon Brouwers 3-5 Ryan Fleming
Andy Lucas 5-1 Clayton Castaldi
Barry Cunningham 0-5 Mark Bowen
Lydan Debono 2-5 Clint L'Anson
Liam Dunster 5-2 Jason Crozier
Clint Azzopardi 3-5 Jon Bushnell
Ryan Fleming 1-5 Andy Lucas
Mark Bowen 5-2 Clint L'Anson
Liam Dunster (SCO) 6-2 (WAL) Jon Bushnell
Andy Lucas (ENG) 1-6 (WAL) Mark Bowen
Liam Dunster (SCO) 7-6 (WAL) Mark Bowen

LAST 16 
Collette Henriksen 5-2 Clare Peaty
Julie Henderson 0-5 Michelle Roonay
Sabrilla Brunet 5-2 Deb Burchill
Ophelie Laval 5-0 Kelly Denton
Yvonne Ewing 3-5 Sara Greenberg
Amanda Palmer 5-3 Emma Reeves
Floraine Nicole 0-5 Kelly Ann Hunt
Sally Merola 2-5 Amanda Watson
Collette Henriksen 5-4 Michelle Roonay
Sabrilla Brunet 5-0 Ophelie Laval
Sara Greenberg 0-5 Amanda Palmer
Kelly Ann Hunt 2-5 Amanda Watson
Collette Henriksen (NI) 6-4 (FRA) Sabrilla Brunet
Amanda Palmer (ENG) 4-6 (ENG) Amanda Watson
Collette Henriksen (NI) 4-6 (ENG) Amanda Watson

Steve Webster 5-2 Ray McGuinness
Kevin Seaman 5-1 Joao Magalhaes
Martin Findlay 3-5 Graham Cliffe
Neil Campbell 1-5 Martin Fisher
Simon Doyle 5-3 Keith Robertson
Niven Adams 5-1 Ricky Anderson
Davy Forrest 2-5 Billy Stirling
Lionnel Fronnal 3-5 Martin Jones
Steve Webster 3-5 Kevin Seaman
Graham Cliffe 4-5 Martin Fisher
Simon Doyle 1-5 Niven Adams
Billy Stirling 2-5 Martin Jones
Kevin Seaman (ENG) 6-2 (SCO) Martin Fisher
Niven Adams (SCO) 1-6 (SCO) Martin Jones
Kevin Seaman (ENG) 6-5 (SCO) Martin Jones

John Hardy 1-5 Martin Rothwell
Malky Cowan 1-5 Alan Reynolds
Mark Donnan 4-5 Davy McGurn
Stephen Johnston 5-0 Campbell Sarrison
Paul O'Connor 1-5 Gerry McCorry
Andy Yates 1-5 Scott Lynn
Steve Seagust 3-5 John Cole
Marty Goudie 1-5 Ross McInnes
Martin Rothwell 3-5 Alan Reynolds
Davy McGurn 5-3 Stephen Johnston
Gerry McCorry 5-3 Scott Lynn
John Cole 0-5 Ross McInnes
Alan Reynolds (SCO) 6-1 (NI) Davy McGurn
Gerry McCorry (NI) 4-6 (SCO) Ross McInness
Alan Reynolds (SCO) 6-5 (SCO) Ross McInness

2017 Euros Live Streaming

For live streaming from the 2017 European Championships from Saturday 22nd April onwards go to -


Results and stats from the Euros

To keep up to date with all the results, tables and stats download PoolAppLive from either the Play Store or App Store.

1/ Enter Site name - "eba"
2/ Enter results section by pressing the "Live" or "Leaders" button
3/ Live scoring available during matches

Or alternatively for a website version go to

All the Finals from Week 1

Results below from all the Finals at Week 1 of the 2017 European Championships in Bridlington

'A' TEAM - England 8-4 Scotland
'B' TEAM  - England B2 8-5 England B1
DOUBLES - Owen Dodd/Kian Monaghan (ENG) 5-2 Suraj Rai/Leighton McDonnell (ENG)
INDIVIDUAL - Suraj Rai (ENG) 6-2 Kieran Quadir (SCO)

'A' TEAM - Wales 13-10 Northern Ireland
'B' TEAM - England B2 13-11 England B1
DOUBLES - Billy Webster/Jordan Cunningham (ENG) 5-4 Oisin Wallace/Galvin McDermott (NI)
INDIVIDUAL - Scott Coventry (SCO) 6-3 Ieuan Richards (WAL)

'A' TEAM - England 13-11 Wales
'B' TEAM - England B1 13-4 Wales B1
DOUBLES - Ryan Fisher/John McDermid (SCO) 5-2 Ben Schembri/Lee Darmanin (MAL)
INDIVIDUAL - Jordan Evett (ENG) 6-4 John Price (WAL)

'A' TEAM - Scotland 13-6 Northern Ireland
'B' TEAM - Scotland 11-5 Northern Ireland
DOUBLES - Martin Peters/Kyle Power (WAL) 3-2 Alan Reynolds/Peter Blanche (SCO)
INDIVIDUAL - Alan Reynolds (SCO) 4-2 Liam Walker (SCO)

2017 Euros nearly upon us

Not long to go now before hundreds of players will descend upon the seaside town of Bridlington in Yorkshire, England. The fixtures have been completed for all sections, just click on the links on the left hand side of this page to view the schedules.

Welcome Belgium

A big welcome to Belgium who will be competing in their first EBA event at the 2017 European Championships in Bridlington. Belgium will be represnted with teams in the Mens and Seniors section. Good luck lads.

2017 European Championships entries

England  England B England  England B1 England  England B1
Scotland  Scotland B Scotland  Scotland B1 Scotland  Scotland B1
Wales  Wales B Wales  Wales B1 Wales  Wales B1
N Ireland  N Ireland B N Ireland  N Ireland B1 N Ireland  N Ireland B1
Ireland  Ireland B Gibraltar  England B2 Ireland  Ireland B1
Cyprus  Catalonia B France  Scotland B2 Gibraltar  England B2
Malta  Gibraltar B Shetland 
France  Scotland B2
Catalonia  Netherlands B

Shetland  Wales B2
Gibraltar  England B1

Belgium  N Ireland B2
Shetland  Scotland B1

Ireland B2
Belgium  Wales B1

Netherlands  N Ireland B1

Ireland B1

England B2

Scotland B2

Wales B2

Ireland B2

England  England B1 England  England B1 England  England B1
Scotland  Scotland B1 Scotland  Scotland B1 Scotland  Scotland B1
Wales  Wales B1 Wales  Wales B1 Wales  Wales B1
N Ireland  N Ireland B1 N Ireland  N Ireland B1 Ireland  England B2
Ireland  Ireland B1 Ireland  England B2 Malta  Scotland B2
Gibraltar  England B2 Gibraltar  N Ireland B2 Gibraltar  Wales B2
Scotland B2

Wales B2

Ireland B2

U 18 A  U 18 B  U 15 A  U 15 B

England  England B1 England  England B1

Scotland  Wales B1 Scotland  Scotland B1

Wales  N Ireland B1 Wales  Wales B1

N Ireland  England B2 Ireland  England B2

Ireland  Gibraltar  Scotland B2

                                                                                  Gibraltar B1