EBA endorses Strachan 861 cloth

The EBA have confirmed that they will be using Strachan 861 (formerly Simonis 861) powder blue cloth for a three year period starting with the 2018 European Championships in April in Bridlington.

The cloth has been in regular use in recent IPA Events and has received superb reviews all round.

The EBA will be forwarding on details of retail suppliers in each Member Nations country shortly.

From Blackball Blogger
"" The cloth, which has the obvious major change of colour, creating a fresh and modern look which is ideal for blackball. It also helps to build a unique identity for the game, and stops it looking like a small snooker table. Of course the change of colour could have been achieved using the same cloth as before, so the play-ability needed to be improved as well. And it has. We have found that the cloth is a lovely pace, a fraction quicker, but very controllable. They are more reactive, with quicker spin, allowing players to move the white around the table with greater ease. The cushions play a little differently, with pace and spin having more of affect on the angles. But overall we are seeing the players having more shots available to them ""