The EBA are delighted to announce that the Malta Blackball Federation have been successful in their bid to host the 2023 European Championships in November. Dates and more information in due course.

Due to the Covid Pandemic our last European Championship took place in 2019 and our reigning Champions are as follows -

Mens Team  ~  Wales
Mens Individual  ~  Scott Gillespie (Scotland)

Ladies Team  ~  England
Ladies Individual  ~  Emma Cunningham (Northern Ireland)

Seniors Team  ~  Scotland
Seniors Individual  ~  Kevin Seaman (England)

Masters Team  ~  England
Masters Individual  ~  Rob Tait (Wales)

Under 23 Team  ~  Scotland
Under 23 Individual  ~  Cole Bedford (Wales)

Under 18 Team  ~  France
Under 18 Individual  ~  Alexis Klinka (France)

Under 15 Team  ~  France
Under 15 Individual  ~  Geo Edgar (Scotland)

Learning Difficulties  ~  Scotland
Learning Difficulties Individual  ~  Jonathan Adams (Scotland)